Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic Resort is Ready for Summer!1Written by: Katie McCarthy

Summertime is upon us and with that comes the promise of lengthy vacations and extended weekends away. Perhaps this idyllic scenario is from seasons past, as this summer greets us all with travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders. We are all doing our part to ensure the health and safety of every citizen in our community and beyond, however; there are still ways of making sure we all can have new kinds of fun this summer while maintaining proper protocols.

Whether it is a simple day-long drive or perhaps a weekend away at a vacation home, families are seeking a brief refuge from the stressors of everyday life. In doing so, they may seek care for their pets as to make sure they can have a quiet and restful break from reality even if for but a day. Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic is here to offer you just what your pet needs during this time! We have some amazing doggy daycare and overnight boarding options for your pets.

Can you tell me about your doggy daycare?

Our doggy daycare is incredibly PUPular not just during summer but year-round. We currently have a couple specials going which include a single day daycare experience, and a five-day daycare package. A single day daycare experience costs only $20 and it guarantees your dog unlimited play time, a free peanut butter Kong treat (if your dog is allergy-free), a private luxury suite to relax in during down time, and endless cuddles and love from our boarding staff. The five-day daycare package costs $100 and consists of all the above perks in addition to a FREE bath on one of the five days … what a deal! Moreover, we also have a half day daycare option that is $15 for five hours or less of daycare. If your dog is socialized with others, we offer group playtime where all our daycare dogs can play outside together for extended supervised playtime which may include splashing in our pool and lots of tug-o-war!
We do not want cats, reptiles, and pocket pets to feel left out, we will watch them for only $15 a day!

Do you offer overnight boarding options?

Our overnight boarding truly gives your pet the feeling of luxury as they get to enjoy their own private air-conditioned luxury suite, complete with plush bedding and a television with endless cuddles from our staff. We also offer an optional in-room camera so you can watch your pet’s day or night for an additional $8 per night. You are encouraged to bring your pets own food to make their sleepover away from home less stressful, but we do have in house food that your pet is welcome to at no cost. We also offer canned food options or cooked chicken breast, for an additional fee of $2.50 per can or $5 a day. Dogs that stay with Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic for more than two nights are also welcome to receive a free departure bath the day before they go home. Cats have their own private colony in which they spend their FURcation in and we happily board reptiles and exotic pocket pets as well.

Pricing is as follows:

Canines $48 per night
Additional canine/s sharing room with first canine $34 per night
Felines and Exotics $23 per night
Additional feline/s sharing a condo $15 per night
Overnight boarding with medication (feline or exotic) $28 per night
Overnight boarding with medication (canine) $53 per night
Special needs boarding (in hospital) $57 per night; with medication $65 per night

Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic is proud to offer a “Fear-Free” staycation for your furry friends and our staff is looking forward to spending time with your companions and getting to know each of them as their own. A client testimonial from Diane J., states

“My pup Bliss came into or lives through adoption. I was not fully prepared for taking on a large breed dog, but our German Shepherd pup came home. My daughter recommended the clinic for vet care and day boarding. Day boarding was a must as I work full time and could not leave her home in a crate. The night of her adoption, we went straight away to AHPC for a well-puppy checkup. I also toured the boarding spa. I immediately found peace in knowing that Bliss would be greatly cared for. That Monday I dropped her off for school and that evening I picked her up. She was happy and in love with her humans. It’s been close to a year and we have not missed a day of puppy spa. Her handlers, vet techs, groomers, front office friends and her doctors love her very much. They have all been of great support. It takes a village to raise a high energy loving pup and that village of people make Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic Bliss’ second home. Bliss loves you all! Thank you all!”

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