Written by: Katie McCarthy

Congratulations on your new puppy or kitten! Bringing a puppy or kitten into your family is a big commitment and each has their own individual needs that must be assessed to ensure a long and healthy life. We know the initial process can be daunting as you are faced with options for not just bedding and toys, but veterinary services and the stages of care that come with that. Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic offers you two package options that can help make the new world of puppy or kitten guardianship easier and incredibly cost-effective!

What can you offer my new puppy?

Our puppy package is comprehensive and helps give you peace of mind that you are providing quality care. Puppies have very specific needs and they must be addressed at a specific time for those needs to be met successfully. The puppy package that we offer covers each of the following for dogs of two different age groups, less than ten weeks of age and more than ten weeks of age. Your puppy will receive a full comprehensive exam, DHPP vaccines for age-appropriate immunity, deworming treatments, Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines, one rabies vaccine, a fecal test, a microchip, and one month of Nexgard flea control. An even bigger incentive to purchasing our puppy package is you will receive $25 off a standard spay or neuter or $75 off a laparoscopic spay or neuter when your pet is ready! This package is an incredible deal so give us a call today to learn more!

I just got a kitten! Do you have a kitten package for her?

We absolutely have a package deal for kittens! Kittens require just as extensive care as puppies do and Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic has put together an unbeatable deal. Much like puppies, we have two options for kittens, those less than ten weeks old and those older than ten weeks. Our kitten package includes a full comprehensive exam, FVRCP vaccines to provide complete first-year immunity, deworming treatments, SNAP test for FeLV, FIV and heartworm, FeLV vaccine (initial vaccine and booster), rabies vaccine, a fecal test, microchip, and one month of Revolution flea control. Additionally, you will receive $25 off your kitten’s spay or neuter! Our kitten package is an opportunity for your pet that you do not want to pass up. Call us for details and setting up an appointment for your kitten!

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