Written by: Katie McCarthy

Our July employee spotlight highlights an employee who is an incredible asset to our team. Meet Jasmine!

Jasmine is a Veterinary Technician and she has been with Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic for about a year and a half now. Her favorite thing about working at Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic is that the field she loves and is passionate about is changing all of the time and there is constantly something new to learn. Caring for animals is something that seemingly comes naturally to Jasmine, as she is always seen showing love and care for all of the animals that receive her care.

When she is not at work, Jasmine enjoys painting, hiking, yoga, and playing the piano alongside her two cats, Ash and Snowball, both domestic shorthairs. Jasmine has wanted to work with animals for a very long time (her favorite animal is the silverback gorilla!) and finds the work of Steve Irwin and Dian Fossey as the pillars of inspiration by which she admires.

Jasmine is an incredible asset to our team and we cannot be more grateful for the passion and concern that she has for all of your pets in her care. You will never meet a more kind and gentle human being and we are grateful that she has chosen to work with us at Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic!

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