Written by: Katie McCarthy

Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic’s very first employee spotlight for the month of June highlights a very special employee to us all. Kayla has worked in our Resort and Grooming departments, but she has found her niche in Resort while happily helping wherever she can! Kayla has worked at Anaheim Hill Pet Clinic for two years and chances are you have seen her friendly and calming face during one of your visits to our clinic! Kayla is an amazing asset to our team and we are all incredibly grateful to have her. Our Resort pets all adore her and she is a necessity to our pet’s happiness!

In her free time, Kayla enjoys: reading (she owns almost 400 books!), art, photography, weightlifting, gardening, and playing video games. She also has quite the menagerie of pets! Vodka, a happy husky, and Chevy, an adorable border collie mix begin her mini farm. Kayla is also the guardian of fourteen fish! Lemonade (Betta), Charcoal (Betta), Smokey (Tetra), Bitterblue (Tetra), Gary (Snail), Quicksilver (Loach), Calypso (Mini Catfish), Sunrise (Dannio), Mr. Clean (Guppy), Mango (Guppy), Hansel (Guppy), Mr. McCreamy (Betta), Fireheart (Betta), and Sunset (Guppy).

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