Let Your Dog Be a Superhero Today!Written by: Katie McCarthy

Our community, nation, and the world are experiencing a global pandemic of recent unseen proportions. The families and loved ones that we hold dear are being tested on patience, perseverance, strength, and responsibility. The healthcare workers in our country have been heroes day in and day out, working to heal and save those individuals that have become ill. However, those heroes are no longer limited to humans. The canine companions that we cherish and adore have the potential to save a life as well, canine blood donations are desperately needed. Simply because our world has slowed down for the time being, does not mean our furry friends needs will slow down as well. The fact is blood donations are needed and your dog can help save a life!

Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic is organizing their first blood donation drive to help dogs in need. Dogs that donate blood are not only helping another pet, but the benefits that are given to them are extremely valuable.

The initial stage of a blood donation is what we call “Type Testing.” After an initial physical exam by a veterinarian, type testing is done so we can understand the properties of a dog’s blood that indicate which type of blood they have. Much like humans, dog can possess different types of blood, the most common being DEA (Dog Erythrocyte Antigen) 1.1. This is the most common type of blood in a dog and much like how “Type O” is the most common in humans, dogs can be positive or negative.

DEA 1.1 POSITIVE means that dog is a “universal recipient.”
DEA 1.1 NEGATIVE means that dog is a “universal donor.”

Therefore, the type testing that is conducted will tell us what blood type your dog is, and whether the dog will be a good donor.

If the blood shows it is “DEA 1.1 NEGATIVE,” the dog is qualified to donate blood! Donating blood for dogs is not a lengthy or complicated process and the requirements are simple. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations and not be taking any medications aside from flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. Patients are mildly sedated so they can remain calm during the procedure, which takes up to thirty minutes, and are lovingly kept calm by a veterinary technician as the blood is collected. Once the blood donation is complete, they will receive lots of hugs and belly rubs from veterinary staff. Blood that is donated is kept to then be used for dogs who may need it.

Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic wants to thank every client that participates in our blood drive by offering a $100 credit to your account if your dog successfully completes a donation. It is our way of giving two big PAWS UP as a thank you for helping dogs in need! Call us today at 714-779-2101 to request a blood type testing appointment to begin your dog’s journey of becoming a superhero!

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