Written by: Katie McCarthy

The past two months have been quite different from our normal routine here at Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic. COVID-19 protocols have changed the way we have treated your pets, interacted with you, and gone about our day-to-day business. We thank you for your continued patience during this time and as we begin to transition to phase two of our re-opening plan, we wanted to inform everyone of how we will proceed in the days and weeks to come until we can implement a new plan for phase three.

Beginning Monday, May 25th, 2020, we will allow clients to have the option of remaining in their vehicle and continuing curbside service, or enter the building with an employee escort. Upon arrival you will call our clinic and inform our staff that you are here and you will be serviced at your vehicle as has been our procedure for the past two months. If you wish to come in the building for your visit, inform the clinic of your arrival and tell our staff that you wish to enter the building. You are permitted to enter the building for the following reasons:

  1. To pick up medications, to purchase prescription diets, or to purchase product from Just Food for Dogs. You will be expected to maintain social distance from others as you do so, and you have the option of waiting outside which is where our seating will be located.
  2. To be present for your pet’s examination, in which case only two individuals are allowed in an exam room and you must be wearing a mask.
  3. To be present for a euthanasia, more than two people are allowed in the room, but everyone must be wearing a mask.

Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic will only permit ten individuals in the lobby at a given time, including staff members. If you are asked to wait outside, please adhere to our guidance as we are striving to maintain a clean and healthy environment for everyone. We cannot thank you enough for your continued patience and understanding during this trying time, we are grateful that everyone has been so understanding and have continued to support us and our requirements to keep a healthy environment for you and your pets safety.

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