Pet Grooming in Anaheim

Here in our grooming shop our goal each day is to send your pet home tail wagging and feeling good. We start each day with positive energy!

We offer an array of services at Doggiestylez that include:

  • Nail Trims and Grinds.
  • Luxurious baths that include blueberry facial scrubs, deep conditioning, medicated treatments, and furminator solutions.
  • Anal gland expression.
  • Ear cleaning.
  • Any style haircuts from show to whatever suits your pets needs.
  • Blow outs, and comb outs to get rid off excess hair. If your pet is older, has had surgery, or even is just timid we set aside the time to be careful and be gentle to help their experience go smoothly.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet soon!

Meet Our Anaheim Pet Groomers

Christina, Groomer
Back in May 2004 I decided let’s see if I can work at a grooming and boarding facility. I went in and asked and within a week I was a bather, it was neat to see all the different kinds of dogs and sometimes cats. I bathed and also helped as a kennel attendant but one day I asked if I can learn to be a groomer and they said yes. In 2007 I began grooming, the first dogs I practiced was the cocker spaniel and miniature schnauzer. Back then breed cuts were essential to pet owners, a very good learning process. In mid-2009 I moved to south Florida to help friends. Good thing I knew how to groom because I was able to get a dog grooming job. First I got into an animal hospital but wasn’t helping to provide for a living so I found a grooming/daycare/boarding facility and I locked in. My time there I saw a unique large breed the Briard. That was a highlight, such beautiful dogs. But then it was time to say goodbye to Florida and come back home to California to help care for my mom. Worked at three shops before arriving at Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic!

Julie, Groomer
I have been in love with animals, dogs and cats in particular, since I was a child. I learned to trim nails on my childhood dog when I was in middle school. From taking animal science classes in high school, to working as a bather at my first grooming shop job at age 16, I knew dog grooming would always be a part of my life. I cannot see myself doing anything else. I strive to make the dog grooming experience stress free and fun for the pet I work with and for myself. I have over 10 years of bathing and grooming experience and I am a Certified Grooming Graduate from Animal Behavior College, which I attended to help strengthen my knowledge in this wonderful career.

Daisy, Groomer
Bio to come soon!

All of the photographs below showcase the work of our whole grooming team! If you wish to see each groomers individual work and style please check out their instagram pages linked below